What is LeaseSearch ?

LeaseSearch connects tenants and landlords taking them through the leasing process from initial search to signing the lease proposal. LeaseSearch speeds up the leasing process, ensures all property and financial issues are covered and saves time for all involved.

Connecting Tenants with Landlords

LeaseSearch connects a tenant's space
requirements with the vacant space of a
landlord enabling them to negotiate and agree
the commercial terms of a lease.


Easy to Use

LeaseSearch’s forms help tenants and landlords customise the future workplace. The forms are flexible to add or remove requirements.


Office and Industrial

LeaseSearch can be used for office or industrial space anywhere in Australia. Potential space options can include a proposal for a current space or a hand-picked selection of spaces.


Team Collaboration

Join your team at work or clients in a project so they can share their comments and contribute to leasing success.



LeaseSearch creates a digital paper trail of the project for transparency, probity and internal reporting. Projects can be archived for future reference.

User Friendly

LeaseSearch’s dashboard makes the leasing process easy guiding users through each stage making sure all issues are covered.

Reducing Time and
Transaction Costs

Tenants and landlords can search and negotiate directly on LeaseSearch without the need for emails, meetings and paper shuffling.

LeaseSearch is the place where tenants and landlords can negotiate and agree commercial lease terms with transparency and trust in the process.