Leasing leads. All sizes.
All locations.

Quickly securing the next tenant is
easy for landlords and agents.

01. Review briefs

Review tenants’ briefs
issued to the market

Review tenants’ briefs that match your portfolio’s locations and size profile and determine whether to respond.

02. Respond to briefs

Respond to briefs where you
have suitable vacant space

Prepare and submit brief responses to tenants’ briefs where you have suitable vacant space in the portfolio.

03. Lease proposals and inspections

Provide lease proposals and
facilitate inspections

Prepare a lease proposal responding to a tenant’s future workplace requirements adding commercial terms where relevant.

04. Negotiate and sign

Negotiate lease proposals and
sign the heads of agreement

Negotiate the lease proposal with the tenant to agree the commercial terms, signed the heads of agreement and instruct a lawyer to prepare the lease.

Key Features

LeaseSearch enables landlords and agents to receive leasing leads that can be matched with the vacant space in a property portfolio.

The process is completely flexible allowing you to negotiate any relevant commercial terms. The tenant is guided through a structured leasing process so that all issues are identified and negotiated reducing time and frustration.

Upload pictures, floor plans and brochures for tenants to view.

Lease proposals can be customised for any special commercial terms.

Receive email notifications when market briefs and lease proposal responses are received from tenants.

All proposals and information entered remains confidential and encrypted.

Join now and start receiving
leasing leads

As a landlord or agent there is no cost to join LeaseSearch. However, make sure to complete your profile so that LeaseSearch can match a tenant’s requirements to your portfolio.

Recieve Leasing Leads

LeaseSearch places landlords and agents in direct contact with tenants searching for space to lease. Email notifications are received as soon as a market brief is issued that matches your profile.