Less time. Less cost.
Less stress.

Securing the next workplace for your business is easy.

01. Prepare brief

Prepare and issue a
brief to the market

Prepare and issue a brief to the market outlining your space, location and timing requirements. If you don’t know your space requirements click on the button below to use the Future Space Tool.

02. Evaluate options

Evaluate and short list
potential options

Evaluate and score the potential lease options received short listing the options with the best score.

03. Obtain lease proposals

Inspect, short list and
request lease proposals

Inspect your short listed options and request lease proposals from the landlords with the best workplaces for your business.

04. Negotiate and sign

Negotiate and sign the
best lease proposal

Negotiate your preferred lease proposals whilst comparing the terms of each proposal then sign the best option for you.

Key Features

LeaseSearch guides tenants through the process of leasing an office or warehouse enabling the tenant to initiate and control the process from searching to negotiating.

Supported by LeaseSearch’s Page Guide tenants can be confident that all future workplace requirements are identified and commercial terms are negotiated with landlords so that the tenant secures its perfect workplace with the best lease deal.

Briefs can be sent to the whole available market or to selected landlords and agents.

Evaluate and compare lease options using a weighted scoring system.

Obtain lease proposals from an existing landlord and potential landlords.

Share your project with the boss or work colleagues so they can add comments.

Do you lease space occasionally,
continually leasing space
or need help?

No matter whether you are a tenant that rarely leases space, is continually leasing space for an ever changing portfolio or need advice and assistance through the lease process LeaseSearch has a package to suit your needs.

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LeaseSearch gets tenants in their workplace fast allowing them to focus on the most important thing - their business.